• By Natasha Matthews
  • 2017/11/06

Love the look, haven't got it actually installed yet.

  • By Capt Kirk
  • 2017/10/14

This faucet looks perfect in our new bathroom. I have no complaints!

  • By Davon Russell
  • 2017/09/29

they work well and do not leak. no issue.

  • By Lorraine Elliott
  • 2017/08/28

Good faucet, good price, simple and not complex, and not delicate whatsoever. I like it.

  • By Jessica Washington
  • 2017/08/12

I love this faucet. It looks great, the spray pattern is really nice.

  • By Pedro Wallace
  • 2017/07/21

I purchased this faucet to replace an old model that was no longer in production. Overall I’m very pleased.

  • By Captain Obfuscation
  • 2017/07/04

Made our bathroom look and feel of better quality.

  • By Clifford Soderberg
  • 2017/05/21

Love this faucet! Looks great and works great!

  • By Kathleen Frei
  • 2017/03/16

Looks and works great. A friend was able to install it relatively quickly. Highly recommend!

  • By Kelly M.
  • 2017/02/04

Fabulous faucet!

  • By Cheri Moeder
  • 2016/12/28

Absolutely gorgeous faucet. I didn't have any issues. I made sure I measured and compared their measurements before I purchased the item. Looks way more expensive than it is!

  • By Tommy
  • 2016/10/12

A plumber or experienced handyman will have zero issues installing. Faucet looks like a $300 faucet. Heavy and all brass construction

  • By Burrito James
  • 2016/08/24

Got two hoses at the store and installed easily. High quality and it looks exactly as shown in online pictures.

  • By Ian
  • 2016/07/02

Absolutely beautiful, worth every penny, would purchase again!!!!!

  • By Carrie
  • 2016/06/15

Great faucet. It has a good design, the handles are easy to use, and the finish is great.