• By Luke
  • 2018/09/16

This is one SOLID faucet! I was shocked at how heavy and well made this faucet was! It came very carefully packaged and more quickly that I expected.

  • By Carolina
  • 2018/08/07

It make the water flow to be different colors, that'a amazing.

  • By JDW
  • 2018/05/03

Style and price is amazing, I like the

  • By Duffy
  • 2018/02/11

It come with all fittings,looks great

  • By Terri Sims
  • 2018/01/27

The faucet is a very budget-friendly faucet that looks high end. Installation was fairly easy.

  • By Pauline Hudson
  • 2017/09/02

We just installed this, so we haven’t had it very long. But, it is a great looking faucet and seems very sturdy. I would recommend it.

  • By Aaron Peterson
  • 2017/08/25

gorgeous faucet. good proportions, substantial. i was worried the handle would look a bit dainty, but it has a good visual weight to it in person.

  • By Carl Ramos
  • 2017/08/12

Beautiful faucet, good water flow, easy to install.

  • By Jon Ulmer
  • 2017/07/21

I never thought I would spend so much on a faucet, but I’ve also never used a faucet that I liked so much.

  • By frank lopez
  • 2017/05/14

I love this very well made faucet!

  • By Joshua Behar
  • 2017/03/28

I love this faucet. It was easy to install, works great and looks great.

  • By Brittany
  • 2017/01/20

Probably the coolest faucet I have ever purchased or installed !! The lights are AMAZING .

  • By Gator Freighter
  • 2016/11/12

Love it !!!! Easy to install,looks Great. Very pleased.

  • By James P. Garin
  • 2016/09/27

This is very nicely made, almost all metal, well put together and everything works.

  • By Ali Anderson
  • 2016/08/10

This is a very cool faucet and is beautifully and innovatively designed, with color indicating water temperature (blue=cold, green=normal, red=hot) and powered by water flow. The faucet makes my bathroom a landmark when guests come to visit!