• By Jehna
  • 2019/02/10

Very beautiful and excellent quality........great price. We did shorten the chain up all the way. Looks best hanging high so you look up at it. Would not recommend for low ceilings.

  • By Stephanie
  • 2018/12/28

I’ve received many positive comments on this lamp and even had some friends ask for the link to buy it for their houses. This lamp is beautiful, easy installation, and works great with LED bulbs. For the price, this was a great buy!

  • By R. Bryan
  • 2018/10/06

This chandelier is absolutely beautiful and unique.

  • By Richie
  • 2018/05/26

Looks awesome!

  • By Darren
  • 2018/05/11

Can't believe how quickly they arrived well done thank you.

  • By Geordie
  • 2018/04/19

Really lovely..gives a nice glow..took 10 mins to put up as we have an electrician in the house!

  • By Jaynebooo
  • 2018/04/10

Love the fact it is faux; nobody actually wants a dead animal hanging from their ceiling! Lovely looking.

  • By Katkin
  • 2018/03/01

On Amazon, I've seen a few comments in people struggling to put this kind of antler together, fortunately, this one is a whole unit and doesn't need to be assembled.

  • By Mama Miller
  • 2017/10/26

It is a very nice light.

  • By Patrick
  • 2017/10/15

Great product after I purchased the bulbs. Works well.

  • By Kat McCreery
  • 2017/09/22

I ordered this for our new house, now being constructed. I received the light to be used in the dining room promptly and in excellent condition.

  • By nancy cuadra
  • 2017/08/05

Great product as well as service.

  • By James E. Holmes
  • 2017/07/18

Looks great. Just like in the picture. Absolutely love it!

  • By David Mahloy
  • 2017/05/25

Exactly what I expected!!Absolutely love this light. can’t wait to get the electrician to install it!

  • By Angie Hanel
  • 2017/05/16

This is a beautiful chandelier but in order to hang it in our high cathedral ceiling we had to bring it to an electrician.