• By Richie
  • 2018/05/26

Looks awesome!

  • By Darren
  • 2018/05/11

Can't believe how quickly they arrived well done thank you.

  • By Geordie
  • 2018/04/19

Really lovely..gives a nice glow..took 10 mins to put up as we have an electrician in the house!

  • By Jaynebooo
  • 2018/04/10

Love the fact it is faux; nobody actually wants a dead animal hanging from their ceiling! Lovely looking.

  • By Katkin
  • 2018/03/01

On Amazon, I've seen a few comments in people struggling to put this kind of antler together, fortunately, this one is a whole unit and doesn't need to be assembled.

  • By Mama Miller
  • 2017/10/26

It is a very nice light.

  • By Patrick
  • 2017/10/15

Great product after I purchased the bulbs. Works well.

  • By Kat McCreery
  • 2017/09/22

I ordered this for our new house, now being constructed. I received the light to be used in the dining room promptly and in excellent condition.

  • By nancy cuadra
  • 2017/08/05

Great product as well as service.

  • By James E. Holmes
  • 2017/07/18

Looks great. Just like in the picture. Absolutely love it!

  • By David Mahloy
  • 2017/05/25

Exactly what I expected!!Absolutely love this light. can’t wait to get the electrician to install it!

  • By Angie Hanel
  • 2017/05/16

This is a beautiful chandelier but in order to hang it in our high cathedral ceiling we had to bring it to an electrician.

  • By Simon Smith
  • 2017/05/03

Love it! Looks great and very realistic.

  • By Matthew D. Flores
  • 2017/04/20

Bought this to go over the table in our new log home. Excited to see it hanging, but looks excellent so far in the box.

  • By Danielle Wade
  • 2017/03/06

This is exactly what I wanted!! I have been looking for this type of antler lighting for a couple of years.