• By By Sharmi
  • 2015/04/16

Excellent choice, as it turned out. We were trying to recreate the effect you see in all the Roman/Epic movies like Gladiator or 300 where there are these long white curtains that sway slowly in the breeze. These work best for full-length windows or French windows, which is what we have. The material is a polyester-cotton blend, and feels a bit rough but is very light. All in all, a great choice.

  • 2014/12/12

The curtains are exactly as shown. Pay attention there is a stiff 6 inch border at the bottom. I liked it because it keeps the bottom of the curtain down. It took a long time to get in the mail ,but it's worth the wait if your not in a rush.

  • By Marilyn Gilmore
  • 2014/11/24

I had ordered the same curtains last Spring and liked them very much...nice sheer fabric, lavish to-the-floor length, well-made. So when I decided to do a much broader sweep of curtains for an even more luxurious style, I "spoke" on-line with someone at Light in the Box and asked if I could be assured that if I ordered additional curtains they would exactly match my earlier purchase. She assured me that they would, so I went ahead and placed my order. The package arrived very quickly, and the curtains are perfect! Thank you!