• By Tracy Porter
  • 2017/08/12

Great for walk way to garden shed!

  • By Evelyn Powell
  • 2017/06/28

Great lights for a dark walkway.The colorful lighting is beautiful.

  • By Amber Taylor
  • 2017/06/02

Fast shipping. The lights work very well. Will be ordering more soon.

  • By Laura Crandall
  • 2017/04/24

Excellent solar lights. Really provides alot of colors in my garden in the evening and provides great lighting.

  • By Eric Copeland
  • 2017/03/06

Quality is amazing, I really love them. I will definitely get more for my driveway.

  • By Holli Hernandez
  • 2017/02/19

These solar lights are very bright and do colorfully light up my flower garden. The kids love the colors and it adds a little something "special" than just "white"..

  • By Mark A Monroe
  • 2017/01/23

We installed this in our front yard and interchanging colors are beautiful. I dont know how long these will last but they are beautiful.

  • By Bamboochik
  • 2016/11/16

Very pretty color changing lights. They work perfectly!

  • By Drummerland
  • 2016/09/25

Beautiful! I had these out in my yard all summer long and loved watching the beautiful lights change colors at night! Very happy with these lights!

  • By Gringo A La Carte
  • 2016/07/20

I purchased these solar lights a month ago and they arrived just a couple days later, very well packed.

  • By Linda
  • 2016/05/11

I bought 3 to use outside, no damage.

  • By Danny
  • 2016/04/06

Bright! They work very well.

  • By Sean
  • 2016/03/09

My home has a deck in the back, and I like to sit outside there in the evening, this item meet the need perfectly.

  • By Carlos
  • 2016/03/07

Very good light for a dark outdoors area along side my house, works well.