• By Leah Deverill
  • 2017/08/05

I love this light! We bought it for our new house.

  • By Markeith Cathey
  • 2017/07/15

We love the lamp! It is modern and elegant and unusual at the same time.

  • By Jessie Wingard
  • 2017/06/03

Received this a week ago, just in time for large dinner event that my family hosted. Received many compliments.

  • By Sam Jabbour
  • 2017/04/24

I know, I know, I’m just piling on the good reviews...but I have to do it anyway. This chandelier exceeded my expectations.

  • By Patty Valkanas
  • 2017/03/16

Beautiful light looks better then the picture.

  • By Camila Checa
  • 2017/02/12

I can’t begin to tell you how much we love this lamp. Perfect!!! Highly recommend!!

  • By stacie ward
  • 2017/01/13

I love this light! It looks fantastic, the pictures don't do it justice. We have a pretty modern looking home, and this fits in nicely.

  • By Valentin Maja
  • 2016/11/19

This is a beautiful light and gets lots of admiring comments!!! It arrived in great shape.

  • By Suebee
  • 2016/08/15

Love this light fixture everyone that comes have something to say about it!

  • By Céline Absil
  • 2016/05/24

If you're thinking about buying this light fixture, don't hesitate! It arrived in perfect condition.

  • By Jonathan
  • 2016/03/16

I love this light!! All the LED bulbs light up without problem.

  • By Ivy
  • 2016/03/07

I did have one burnt out LED, but a repalcement got after I contacted the customer service. Thanks.

  • By Beenle
  • 2016/02/02

It's also incredibly well priced compared to it's designer comparison and most all other "modern" chandeliers!

  • By Carmen
  • 2015/12/16

Well made, and works perfect.