• By Kelli Hansen
  • 2017/11/08

I love this light!! I put it in my dining room which has lower ceilings so its perfect.

  • By Colorado Baker
  • 2017/10/25

Beautiful! I hung it in my stairwell so I could reach the bulbs to change & it’s the perfect size. Not too big you think you might hit your head on it but not too small it looks dinky. Very pleased

  • By Mary Beth
  • 2017/09/21

You won't regret updating a light to this in your home. It was the perfect size to go over our round table in our breakfast nook.

  • By Kevin Gammill
  • 2017/08/11

I really wanted something a bit more unique than what I could find at local store. I absolutely love this.

  • By Sara Grzina
  • 2017/07/15

I bought it because I wanted something that wouldn’t take up too much visual space in the kitchen.

  • By Gilca Lorenis
  • 2017/06/16

This is a beautiful pendant! The cord hangs perfectly straight which is great and often a problem in pendant lights.

  • By donna hulette
  • 2017/05/25

Beautiful! Looks amazing in person!!

  • By Michelle Honaker
  • 2017/05/07

Beautiful great price and great quality!

  • By Desiree
  • 2017/04/28

Love this light! I cannot say enough good things about it. It was the perfect finishing touch to my dining room.

  • By Derwin Campos
  • 2017/04/16

Absolutely love this light! Very creative.

  • By Olivia Izabella
  • 2017/03/20

I love the way it looks in my kitchen over my table my only concern is the lighting I wish it was a little brighter Illumination

  • By Lemon Man
  • 2017/02/12

awesome light fixture

  • By Libby Eyar
  • 2017/01/18

I love this chandelier! It was easy to intall, works beautifully, a great piece for wine lovers.

  • By mark headley
  • 2016/11/21

Very suitable for my bar.

  • By Cindy Chollet
  • 2016/09/22

Bright and wife loves them hanging in the front entry way.