• By electrabelgium
  • 2017/02/11

i am very happy, it's a good product easy to install.

  • By Jose
  • 2017/01/12

Beautiful light. The driver with CE certificate. Really good one. Warm white light really excellent.

  • By Robert Switzer
  • 2016/12/17

Outstanding light, we would sure buy it again. Guests are amazed.

  • By Bobby
  • 2016/07/09

Nice light and quick delivery easy install

  • By Johan
  • 2016/06/09

I love the modern style of this lamp. Provides great light on the table

  • By Warren
  • 2016/06/08

I was worried our eyes will hurt if I buy this lamp but not in the least. It gives good light over the table. Perfect warm color.

  • By inga.gontareva
  • 2016/05/19

Everything was very good, received delivery in 2 days, looks very good, no additional costs.

  • By kurtb1410
  • 2016/04/05

It was very good. Everything was like I ordered. but I was surprised by the charges I had to pay when it is arrived.

  • By Astrid
  • 2016/03/10

Great light, provides enough light for my whole office room. The install really wasn't that hard, just like any other fixture.

  • By Herman
  • 2016/02/20

Modern is what it promises and modern is what it is! Honestly a really cool light.

  • By Janelle
  • 2016/02/17

I am a builder and I get to install and see many designs of lights. This is one of the best looking ones, so I decided to use it for my own home.

  • By sunnyjayjay
  • 2016/02/11

Customs is the killer a lot of money But the light fitting is very impressive .

  • By Meg
  • 2016/01/26

I saw a youtube video about this product, decided to get this product and it turned out to be a really good purchase.

  • By pyoneaung2005
  • 2016/01/02

Well received the item with fast delivery!

  • By alyatimn
  • 2015/12/09

I I really like the Light Chandelier and thank you xx