• By Michael Hudson
  • 2017/07/21

Easy to install, very nice light.

  • By Grace Vaughan
  • 2017/06/25

A great ceiling fixture! Nice and bright in my bedroom. And it is pleasant to look at.

  • By Jane Vester
  • 2017/06/04

It looks nice, and casts a very nice light for my home office. I’m very pleased with the results. Installation was easy.

  • By Kyle Carney
  • 2017/05/20

It was easy to install and I am very happy with the amount of illumination it provides to my hallway. The style is sleek and simple.

  • By Olivia Shapiro
  • 2017/05/03

It’s worked perfect for the space over my sink!!

  • By Taryn Shaver
  • 2017/04/25

I like the appearance. The light is bright and clear.

  • By Colton Weingarden
  • 2017/04/16

Easy to install. Bright soft light, good for study room.

  • By Emma Hamilton
  • 2017/02/12

Looks great in our newly finished basement bedroom!

  • By John
  • 2017/01/18

The seller is very kind,and the light is really in good quality,I like this store.

  • By Daquan Wright
  • 2016/12/26

Very fast delivery,The light is the same as the description.

  • By Su Lopo
  • 2016/10/12

It comes better than I expected,I love it.

  • By Molly Tinsley
  • 2016/08/05

Very bright and easy to install.

  • By William
  • 2016/06/06

I had never ordered LED fixtures before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. These are BRIGHT.

  • By Amber
  • 2016/04/08

Great light. The LEDs look great. It's simple.

  • By Victoria Santos
  • 2016/03/24

This product met my needs very well. It is attractive, energy efficient, and the company is great.