• By Robert Pedrosa
  • 2017/08/02

I cannot even begin to tell you how gorgeous this chandelier is. I’m currently remodeling my bedroom. It was pretty and nice.

  • By Abel Flores
  • 2017/07/21

Love it, worked beautifully in our shabby chic entryway.

  • By Crisann Morgan
  • 2017/06/25

It was a beautiful and perfect addition to my 7yr olds bedroom.

  • By Melissa Maguire
  • 2017/05/24

Very beautiful, I didn’t expect it. Price excellent. I love it.

  • By Sam Jabbour
  • 2017/05/17

Beautiful and looks so elegant in my daughter’s room.

  • By Patty Valkanas
  • 2017/05/02

Absolutely Georgeous. Unbelievably beautiful!!! We put it in our living room. It’s just perfect!!

  • By Jacki Breece
  • 2017/04/25

It is a beautiful chandelier, however installation was a bit challenging.

  • By Heather R.
  • 2017/03/19

Great customer service! Beautiful product

  • By Audrey D. Young
  • 2017/02/11

It came exactly as I wanted, Beautiful chandelier! I love it! Thanks again!!

  • By Sylvie Khalifa
  • 2017/01/23

This chandelier softened the entire space. I could not be happier with my purchase.

  • By Alex K
  • 2016/12/14

This chandelier is very bright. It is super sparkly. My wife has wanted a chandelier for some time and she is very pleased with this one.

  • By Ashley Tew
  • 2016/10/04

I am so in love with this chandelier! It was hung while I was out of town and when I came home I jumped around like a little kid. It is perfect.

  • By adini pacheco
  • 2016/07/24

Absolutely gorgeous! Well worth the money.

  • By Zoe
  • 2016/05/20

A beautiful, well crafted-chandelier that really brings out our living room. We had to hire a professional electrician to hang it, but once we did, they got it installed right away.

  • By Jodie
  • 2016/04/19

Beautiful chandelier and great customer service