• By emily byron
  • 2017/05/21

A great light at a great price. The light is so beautiful as described.

  • By Lauren
  • 2017/05/13

Easy install and good light.

  • By Gwen Edsall
  • 2017/05/02

The light is fine,I give 3 star is because I took almost half an hour to take out it from the box.

  • By Derek Wittrock
  • 2017/04/26

This light works real well and completely Lights my kitchen with only one light in the center.I will buy more.

  • By Alina Nadolna
  • 2017/03/27

A very good company. My lamp arrive damage and they sent me second one in 2 weeks time out of charge. Very nice people , easy to communicate.

  • By Ron Courreges
  • 2017/03/19

Amazing light-you’d be so suprised that such a light weight fixture can brighten any room so much! We have purchased these before and love them.

  • By Shovel Guy
  • 2017/02/11

very bright and easy to install.

  • By Laura Ene
  • 2017/01/17

Great light, nice and bright easy to install

  • By Romain Bt
  • 2016/10/29

This item was easy to install, I installed mine in a normal ceiling box and it fit easily. Took about maybe 10 minutes to take down my old fixture and replace it with the new LED light.

  • By Rolf In-Albon
  • 2016/08/23

Very well lit. It is a good light.

  • By Jurgen Ersilia
  • 2016/06/12

I love this light. It is very bright but warm.

  • By Michele
  • 2016/04/20

It is made of metal, looks great, I lik the shape.

  • By Warren
  • 2016/04/07

This light looks awesome and it is real bright.

  • By Becky
  • 2016/03/01

Pretty easy to install, I have absolutely no electrical experience but I was able to get this up and working.

  • By Elsie
  • 2016/01/19

Nice looking light, easy to install. I am buying one more to replace an old chandelier in my bedroom.