• By Claire
  • 2018/09/16

This lamp arrived today and is truly beautiful. It took just 3 days from receipt of order. It was well packaged which brings me to previous complaints I read in reviews about the item being bent out of shape. The lamp is constructed out of wrapped wire which means it is malleable. To ensure it was protected in packing it was fitted in the box tightly which led to slight mis-shapeness. It took 2 minutes to correct this by shaping with hands and was actually a very satisfying job to do. While putting an obsessive artist's eye over the lamp I got to thinking about the workmanship involved in this item ~ to all those moaning that it comes from China take a good long look around your house and tell me that you avoid all products from this region and I call you a liar. All you are doing is buying direct from the craftsmen/businesses and putting 100% of your purchase back in to THEIR economy instead of some unscrupulous middle merchant in the west making profits. Pay the proper price for their labour! Peace and Love.. And buy the lamp..

  • By Tarick
  • 2018/08/11

Unexpected quality at this price point. It looks gorgeous.The -high quality- LED included bulbs light up the room quite nicely.

  • By Samah
  • 2018/07/05

The light is warm white, it's perfect

  • By Jean
  • 2018/03/16

Very pretty,good size.

  • By Nicole
  • 2018/02/10

Gorgeous! Easy to install.

  • By Michael Verdugo
  • 2017/11/15

Very nice looking and clean lines. I am very happy with them!

  • By Theresa Zittritsch
  • 2017/10/24

This hangs in our kitchen above the table and it looks amazing. We got it while remodeling our house.

  • By Matthew Tuttle
  • 2017/10/15

When the light arrived I was a bit surprised about their speed,I never expected it could be so fast.

  • By Ray Sharpe
  • 2017/10/06

It look amazing! Exactly what I was looking for for my daughter's room. They were easy to install -my husband did it all by himself. Really fantastic, especially for the price.

  • By Circuit Genius
  • 2017/09/25

We ordered three lights. They arrived promptly, were well-packaged and intact.

  • By Farhad Akbari
  • 2017/09/17

This pendant looks nice and is a good deal for the price.

  • By Eric Blaufarb
  • 2017/09/05

Really happy with it for our new home.The delivery was fast. Pretty easy installation.

  • By Andrea Blando
  • 2017/08/26

The best pendants! We've received so many compliments on it.