• By Chad Bergman
  • 2017/11/05

Really easy to install. Very perfect to driveways, pathways, sidewalks and other areas of your lawn, garden. My garden is more beautiful and lighting now.I will definitely purchase more the seller was great the product. These are excellent!I really love t

  • By Tami Allen
  • 2017/10/23

These are awesome! They look great, and were all working right out of the box. They are larger than I expected, and the lights are nice and bright. Highly recommend for a quick and easy outdoor lighting setup.

  • By Sharon Dressen
  • 2017/09/18

I'm very happy with these lights. They work as advertised.

  • By banks
  • 2015/07/19

Nice product , easy to install.

  • By wishes
  • 2015/05/25

Very nice ! Every thing is perfect.

  • By fastkev
  • 2015/03/11

lovely led light, great quality,very impressed.