• By Daniel Gouveia
  • 2017/08/02

Works great and best price for item on the internet at time of purchase.

  • By Jocelyn Mitchell
  • 2017/07/12

Wonderful bright light, easy to install. Love led lights especially in the bathroom.

  • By Gieziel Corral
  • 2017/05/25

Perfect for closet lights.

  • By John A. C. Gibson
  • 2017/04/24

Good fixture, well designed, and throws out a soft, but bright light.

  • By SPJ Residence
  • 2017/03/18

Great light. Looks very sleek on the ceiling and was a breeze to install. Would not recommend for large rooms.

  • By Sam Bagwell
  • 2017/02/12

Easy ten minute install. Good for lower ceilings.

  • By Brian Moran
  • 2017/01/24

We installed the lights and they are very bright and nice. 5 stars for the lights.

  • By Ana Fluri
  • 2016/11/29

very nice light. a bit bright in the small space I have it installed.

  • By Itamar Gigi
  • 2016/09/06

Love the look of this light and I was surprised by how bright it is.

  • By Rene HARTER
  • 2016/06/14

Nice size. Easy to install. Good light output.

  • By Petra
  • 2016/03/16

From this experience, I realised the advantages of LED lights, in simple terms, energy saving and environmental protection, efficiency is very good.

  • By Franklin
  • 2016/02/18

The light is super thin and cool looking.

  • By Fabian
  • 2016/02/02

Haven't permanently installed these, but I am pretty impressed with overall quality feel. Will update if I discover any problems.

  • By Donna
  • 2015/12/16

Easy to install and great price. My basement is so bright now after installing 4 of these.

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