• By Serafin
  • 2018/08/01

ery nice design. Easy to install.

  • By Matthias
  • 2018/07/15

We ordered this product for our basement hallway. We loved it so much we immediately ordered one for the next room.

  • By Anthony
  • 2018/06/16

Perfect size for the hallway!

  • By Terry
  • 2018/05/10

This was my second order of this lights. Simple yet elegant fixture.

  • By Chicago Dave
  • 2017/11/11

For the price, you really can't beat these. Simple to install and very bright for a hallway light. I have them installed in our upstairs landing.

  • By Cullen Hamm
  • 2017/10/18

Awesome product,they are so easy to install and very bright nice color. So worth the money if you want a quick fix fo a lighting problem.

  • By Am Ordman
  • 2017/09/24

fantastic product, takes the work out of placing a can fixture in ceiling, easy to install, great light.

  • By Johanna Bair
  • 2017/08/22

Beautiful lighting and convenient.

  • By Sheryl Barton
  • 2017/07/12

This lights are bright and very easy to install. I believe I will order more for closets and laundryroom.

  • By Adriana Quintana
  • 2017/06/27

Wonderful bright light, easy to install. Love led lights especially in the bathroom.

  • By Adam Fike
  • 2017/05/24

very great item. Low profile. Good illumination. Modern tech lighting. If the need ever arose, I would buy again.

  • By Sindy
  • 2017/05/09

This light fixture is Great!!! Very bright in the night.

  • By William Stiemsma
  • 2017/04/28

Modern look,perfect for my house.

  • By Maryann Grau
  • 2017/04/15

Easily installed and super bright!

  • By Beverly Buck
  • 2017/03/26

Good quality light - fills the room with a warm, bright hue. Easy to install.