• By jimmy
  • 2019/03/02

I have had this almost 6 months and it works great. Its nice knowing that the shower is good temperature before you get in it.LED turns Blue between 0-30°C (32-86°F) LED turns Red between 41-50°C (105.8-122°F) LED turns Purple between 31-40°C (87.8-104°F) LED begins flashing between 51-100°C (123.8-212°F)

  • By E. Taylor
  • 2019/02/28

Bought this on the chance it might be really cool, but its ok, easy install and lights up with temp as advertised.

  • By Maria
  • 2019/02/11

This was so much easier to install than I anticipated! I love it! No tools needed, just your hands! It installed in just a few minutes

  • By buyer
  • 2019/01/22

This shower head is fantastic. It was not very noisy, and the water flow was great.

  • By Mrs. Dennington
  • 2019/01/09

The light is quite bright on the shower head. Has a variety of water streams and so far I am very pleased with it.

  • By Andre
  • 2018/12/06

Great shower head. No problems so far

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