• By Randall
  • 2018/08/08

I used it for my business, bright enough.

  • By Yemi
  • 2018/08/02

This was a cool lamp.

  • By Mahesh
  • 2018/06/05

Looks amazing! Very Very Bright!!!

  • By Angie
  • 2018/02/16

It's a great deal.

  • By Tito
  • 2018/01/20

modern look, Very nice ceiling lamp.

  • By Nicole Denman
  • 2017/10/29

Works great, looks great. Light comes on instantly, very bright.

  • By Stacia Teeter
  • 2017/10/03

Attractive light, easy to install.It truly gives off an enormous amount of light. I would definitely recommend it.

  • By Adrianne Wells
  • 2017/09/22

This light fixture gives brilliant, yet very soft, lighting. I love it.

  • By Jean Clavelle
  • 2017/08/06

Very easy to install and saves a lot of time over recessed lighting. I love the LED as they use very little power and are never hot to the touch as Halogen.

  • By Paula Gardner
  • 2017/07/22

Great quality, light is bright. Replace that cheap pull string garbage.

  • By Erin Vaughan
  • 2017/06/10

Good light that is plenty bright and easy to install.

  • By Cuticle Nipper
  • 2017/05/22

Works great! I would buy more~!

  • By Daisy Anderson
  • 2017/05/06

Easy to install. Looks good and works good. I like it and will buy more.

  • By Adelis Arrevillagas
  • 2017/04/29

Great product. Easy install, as others have said. VERY bright. My porch has never been this well-lit.

  • By Kristin Cox
  • 2017/04/21

These were exactly what we were looking for and look great!

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