• By Lauren
  • 2017/10/28

This was an easy replace for an existing stairway light. It looks much better and is very bright. I plan on buying more.

  • By Marlana
  • 2017/10/12

Love it. It brightens up our small entry way which is a great improvement.

  • By Shelby
  • 2017/09/24

I love these lights so far! Put up 3, one in a full bath and two in the kitchen work and eating areas and they really add great light to these dark areas of our home.

  • By Cathy Savels
  • 2017/08/05

Easy for my husband to install and I will never have to change the light!

  • By Addison Baucom
  • 2017/07/09

Great light, very bright. Relatively easy installation.

  • By Wade Herter
  • 2017/06/18

Installation was pretty typical for a ceiling light, take care not to drop it. The amount of light and color is excellent.

  • By Jean Rowell
  • 2017/05/20

Very creative light,love it.

  • By Ashley Sparkman
  • 2017/05/11

Love the light,it likes the moon in the night,bright and round.

  • By Nikon Man
  • 2017/05/02

It makes my bedroom more beautiful.

  • By Kelly Jordan
  • 2017/04/25

We love the light! It looks great in our kitchen.

  • By Shovel Guy
  • 2017/03/22

I’ve had these a couple of weeks now and couldn’t be happier with them.

  • By K. Field
  • 2017/02/18

I thought these were going to be just cheap plastic rinky dink lights. I bought them for our upstairs landing foyer area and fully thought they were going to end up in the laundry room. But we are really pleases with the quality and how they look. The quality is great and they look really nice!

  • By jassem tala
  • 2017/01/24

Great seller to work with,beautiful light.

  • By Vincent Gal
  • 2016/11/03

Used for closet lights. Good price and were bright.

  • By Lori Brin
  • 2016/09/28

Easy to install. Love the clear white color of the light. No yellow undertones like with traditional lighting.