• By Angela Tekin
  • 2019/11/20

We like the look of this light. More importantly, this is a well-constructed unit. The metal parts are all very precise, and threaded parts are nicely machined, and hold the glass in place very securely. It is easy to adjust the length of the cord and, overall, very easy to install.

  • By carol maleki
  • 2019/11/14

Great product. I was impressed with the quality. Everything lines up well. The glass has a few random air bubbles, hense the 4-star.

  • By Steven Hamelly
  • 2019/11/12

Overall, these look fantastic and are a great value given the price.

  • By H. Donaldson
  • 2019/11/10

We loved this light fixture so much we re-ordered and bought a second for another space in our home. Great design, great price.

  • By DK
  • 2019/11/01

Looks so much more expensive and classy than the price would lead you to believe. Buy this light. It’s so pretty in person.

  • By Sean
  • 2019/10/20

This is so nice, I get loads of compliments on it.

  • By Cort
  • 2019/10/18

Amazing light with amazing design exceeded our expectations!

  • By Sarah
  • 2019/10/15

Pictures don't do this pendant justice. Works well with no issues

  • By Melissa Koeman
  • 2019/10/15

Love them easy to install beautiful!

  • By Luke R.
  • 2019/10/11

The glass globe on this lamp is absolutely lovely and mesmerizing.

  • By Tammy
  • 2019/10/06

Light is gorgeous but because it’s clear, it collects dust and prints very easily.

  • By Susan Janke
  • 2019/09/25

Been installed over my stairway for over a week now. Very satisfied! Excellent quality. Installation was a breeze. Used a daylight LED bulb and it's the perfect level of brightness. I highly recommend this product!

  • By Josh
  • 2019/09/11

no issues yet

  • By Peter Lehmann
  • 2019/08/02

Nice quality lights. We had to return because they didn't fit our space properly but we would buy from homelava again.

  • By Kimberly
  • 2019/06/07

The light looks awesome. The install is easy if you know what you’re doing.

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