• By Cheryl
  • 2020/02/28

Thank you for the beautiful piece. I enjoyed putting it up while it took me only 10 minutes. Thank you again and I will recommend it to all the beautiful friends and family.

  • By Ben Cohen
  • 2020/02/25

Very happy with the light. Adds a modern touch to my foyer. super easy install, took like 10 min with unpacking the thing.

  • By Deb
  • 2020/01/09

Very easy to hook up. Light is very bright.

  • By Ava Stockwell
  • 2019/11/21

I purchased the "cool white" version of this light, rather than the "warm white" version as I wanted my front porch to be very brightly illuminated at night. It is very bright.

  • By Kristen Hillyer
  • 2019/11/19

Got this for my pantry. Very nice light. Easy to install.

  • By Dee
  • 2019/11/19

Overall, I am happy with this. It is a bright, very white light.

  • By ekeery
  • 2019/11/17

This lights up the area very well, The price was great also. Just enough shine without being overwhelming. Also puts out a good amount of light to help brighten up my bedroom.

  • By carmen
  • 2019/11/15

It works so well.

  • By Glee
  • 2019/11/11

Easy to mount It is really bright lights up my living room will be purchase one more for my kitcken.

  • By AKP
  • 2019/11/07

Electrician installed so I cannot speak to how easy/difficult that is, but he remarked several times how good the light was. It is nice and bright for our bedroom. Perfect for what we needed.

  • By Taylor Carl
  • 2019/11/07

Very easy to install,light and simple ceiling LED with dimmable design,perfectly fitted my bedroom.

  • By Nina
  • 2019/11/06

I reviewed these on my other purchase, I now own 8 of these. They are kind of cheap and flimsy feeling when first out of the box but look nice once installed. The light is very bright but spread consistently around fixture so no darker areas, Very easy to install, energy efficient, and economical. They are perfect to replace the old contractor

  • By Foxer
  • 2019/11/06

A little smaller than I expected. Very bright, works great.

  • By Jodee
  • 2019/11/03

Love this light. Nice large size and style for my modern living room.

  • By KayLunt
  • 2019/11/01

These are very good lights. Attractive and flush with the ceiling, they draw low power and put out non-flickering bright white light. Easy to install.

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