• By Karen White
  • 2019/09/06

Funny light, I think they should be a table lamp, too, that I can put them on my table and play with them.

  • By Kailee
  • 2019/09/01

We installed the little man light with other lights in a bar, they look like are playing together. It's amazing!

  • By Lara
  • 2019/08/23

Delivery timely, we bought it to decorate our new house, and it looks so great.

  • By Troy
  • 2019/08/12

Very interesting light, can't wait to install them.

  • By Derek
  • 2019/08/05

We do love the little man on the pendant light, they look so funny!

  • By Gary
  • 2019/07/27

So cute this pendant light is! My little boy loves this birthday present so much!!

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