Shopping Guid - Glass Pendant Lights

Shopping Guid - Glass Pendant Lights

Glass pendant lights become more and more popular nowadays, while sometimes,  we are confused aout how to them. Here are some tips giving by home designers on finding the right fixture. There’s more to think about than just which shape you prefer.

● Where or which room does the pendant lights will be  installed? Positioning glass pendant light above dining tables, bar counters, or at the top of a staircase is very common, while large lamps can also be appealing  in the living room,  like this one.

Large Glass Pendant Lights

● What shapes of glass shade do you want to be? A globe one  can provide diffuse light which will will light up the whole room. While globe shape is too common, an opaque shade with little sparkles in it can put just a bit of light on a table, and make the dinner to be more romantic.

Sky Star Romantic Glass Pendant Light

● Do remember the color of the light: In the age of LEDs, light color always come with 2 selections - warm white and cool white. Different light color can set the mood of your room. Warm white light looks oranget, and cool white is pure white. Therefore, we should pay attention to the light color before shopping lights.

LED Glass Pendnat Lighting

● And how do we control the light color? In general cases, dimmble bulbs can be used, and we can control the light color by install a switch.

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