Dear all,


    In terms of the after-sale service requests from buyers who didn’t place order on, Pls allow us to make the explaination as below:


    Our company paid high attention on this case. Upon investigation and verification, we found that Shenzhen Gleepay Information Technology Co., Ltd( be short for Gleepay) used Homelava’s domain name as billing address for other online sellers without our permission, this misled many buyers into thinking the products were bought from Homelava. We had terminated the contract with Gleepay since 1st, Aug. 2017, so the real seller should be the website/store which you placed order,  instead of Homelava. And we could not handle the after-sale service in such cases as these products doesn’t belong to Homelava.  But Homelava also have obligation to inform you that you should make complaints and find solution through the website/store which product purchased from.


    In adddtion, Homelava expresses strongly condemnation about Gleepay’s wrongdoing, Meanwhile,  we reserves the right to investigate for their legal liability.
    Hereby notify the above.
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