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The Advantages of EU Warehouse - Wednesday, July 26, 2017

With the global economic developing,more and more people like to shopping from the foreign countries,and the most common way is cross-border e-commerce,but there still are may inconvenience during shopping online from foreign countries,fortunately,we opened the EU warehouse,which makes everything become easier.


EU Warehouse

Formerly,it took more than one week to deliver for most orders,now this period has decreased to  3 workdays in most European countries after we put our products in the EU warehouse.When customers place orders on our website,we can arrange to ship out the products from our EU warehouse within 24 hours(working day),saving us a lot of time.
It also helps you to save money.It’s closer to send products from the EU warehouse to European countries,so the buyers can pay less money for transportation expenses.
The EU warehouse brings us so much convenience,and there's a limit quantity,rush to place your order!


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