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Classic Parametric Table Lamp Stylish Slice Design Desk Lamp Living Room Bedroom 3D effect Decorative DIY Lighting - Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dear all,


  Homelava designed product. This lampshade consists of 122 parametrically designed and precisely laser cut solid wood pieces, which is ash wood, black walnut, teak and sapele. Perfect for any room, it creates a unique focal point and casts beautiful, intricate shadows on walls and ceilings. The wood provides a soft luminosity for atmosphere and pleasant light. Lamp design will fit both classic and modern styles.


  Attention - assembly is required! Product is designed for DIY in order to fulfill your sense of achievement, and you will love it more when you the light is on after assembling. Your designed lamp will be shipped with instructions on how to assemble it. No glue or screws needed. The pieces simply slot together.

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