How to Choose the Light Source Color of Lamps - Monday, July 1, 2024

How to Choose the Light Source Color of Lamps

Many people may not know much about how to choose the color temperature of lamps.

In home decoration, the choice of light color temperature is a very critical link, which can affect the atmosphere and comfort of the entire interior.

Division of light color temperature

· Warm White: The color temperature is between 2700K and 3500K, showing a warmer light color, similar to yellow light.

· Natural White: The color temperature is between 4000K and 4500K, showing a relatively neutral light color, similar to natural sunlight.

· Cool White: The color temperature is between 5000K and 6500K, showing a cooler light color, similar to white light.

· Tricolor Dimming: The tricolor dimming is the cool white, warm white and natural white three light source colors converted. The brightness cannot be adjusted. There is no memory function and the light source color cannot be fixed. The tricolor dimming light is controlled by a switch on the wall. 

· Stepless Dimmable: It is a dimming technology that can adjust the light between warm light and white light, and can also adjust the brightness of the light. The brightness and color temperature of the light can be adjusted at any time according to time and activity needs, creating a light that is suitable for different situations and adding more fun to the home experience.



What is color temperature?

Color temperature is usually measured in "Kelvin (K)".

Different color temperatures will produce different light effects.

Generally speaking, it is the feeling of human eyes seeing light.

The color of light is yellow or white, cold or warm.

Different color temperatures create completely different atmospheres.


Warm White: Warm home space

The color temperature of 3000K-3500K is generally warm, exuding a warm and peaceful atmosphere, allowing people to completely relax after a busy day. It is suitable for use in living rooms, restaurants and bedrooms.

Natural WhiteIdeal for increased efficiency

Neutral light, also called natural white light, is between 4000 and 4500K, similar to natural light during the day, and is usually used in areas that require higher brightness and clear vision, such as kitchens, studies, and offices.

Cool White

Between 5000K and 6500K, it is a bright and clear light, suitable for work areas that require high brightness, such as reading areas, workbenches, and factories.


Finally, in short, when choosing color temperature, you need to consider psychological and aesthetic issues, but it depends more on factors such as illumination, color of the indoor environment and furniture, climate environment, and application site conditions.


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