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Points Guide
What is points?
Member Points are a type of discount points. Homelava offers points to you for every purchase that you can redeem for Point Discount! Points can only be used at Homelava.com. If your account is suspended, Homelava will cancel all points in your account. Points can be used to deduct orders amount and the specific rules for “Rules for the use of points”.
Note: ①Points and coupons can be used together;
       ②Points cannot be exchanged for actual currency.
Points query: You can check the details of your points in "My Account - My Points".
How to get points?
Currently, you can only earn points for purchases made at Homelava.com.
Rules for the earning of points
The ratio of points to the total order amount is 10:1. For example, an order with a total amount of $100 gets 10 points. When the account is full of 100 points, it can be used for order deduction.
The actual payment amount for a single order is greater than or equal to $10 to participate in the shopping rebate.
What is the exchange rate of points?
100 points can be deducted $1. The points can be directly deducted from the total amount of the order.
Rules for the use of points
When the account is full of 100 points, points and coupons can be used in combination.
Points can only be deducted when the total order amount is more than $10. And the maximum points that can be used for an order is 90% of the total order amount.
For example, if there are 10,000 points in your account (which can be deducted by 100 US dollars), and the total amount of the current order is $100, and only 9,000 points can be used to deduct $90, the customer needs to pay $10 in the end.
Rules for the deduction of points
Points awarded for the order will be deducted after the item is returned.
When part of the order is cancelled, the points for the cancelled part will also be deducted accordingly.
How long are the points valid for?
Points are valid for one year from the date of the last point earned. (Purchase can extend the validity period of all points. If there is no repurchase within one year, all points will be cleared.)


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