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About VAT and Duties
VAT/ Duties Policy
1. Is your price included the shipping fee?
Our price is not including the shipping fee.
Users can register an account on Homelava for free, or purchase items as a guest. The grand total you pay is the sum of the item subtotal, shipping fee and insurance (optional). The amount you are billed is the same as the amount you see on the order summary page during checkout when you place the order.
2. Do I need to pay any Duties or other fees?
Most of the time, your order will not incur any customs duties or additional taxes. But in the rare case that it does, please don't worry. You can go ahead and pay for the cost first, and we'll reimburse you for the expense after you send us a picture of the receipt. For the questions about Duties, you can contact us to confirm.
3. If I want to declare according to my requirements, how to do?
We don't know the exact Duties or other custom fees, if you have the information, you can leave the message when you place the order and tell us declaration value and name.
4. When the package is inspected by the custom, what can I do?
In this case, you need to contact customs, and transmits the data that about your package. If there taxes are payable on your shipment, you need go ahead and pay for the cost first.
5. When I have to pay the Duties or other import fees, Can I refuse to pick up the package and get a full refund?
We are regret that you cannot refuse to pick up the package. If you refuse it, it will cause a lot of charges or fees.
If you insist that you refuse it, you have to pay all shipping cost and all compensation or fees. And we will refund partially.
6. Who will be responsible for the Duties or other custom fees if I don’t know this policy and the package is inspected by custom?
This policy is stated on our website clearly. Every customer has responsibility to read rules you cared about on the shop before placing the order.


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