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One Year Warranty

If the product you brought from Homelava doesn’t work properly, you have the right to return the product to us within one year which from the date you placed the order, it will be repaired for free. And you just need to bear the charges of the return postage as a buyer.

How to define the postage for the product-repair?
For those that if the product doesn’t work properly within one year of the purchase, it can be returned for free repair, you only have to bear the return shipping fee, we will absorb the freight to send the product again.
As to the situation that if the product doesn’t work properly after the order more than a year, it can be still returned to us for repair. However, you’ll absorb both the shipping fees of the send-to-us’ and resend-to-you’s.
 (What mentioned above is only for the situation of the non-artificial damage. If the product was broken by yourself before returning, you’ll pay for the replaced parts and both the sending and returning postage as well..)
Other Special Product Warranty:
For custom-made products
Custom-made products will not accept refunds or returns, unless the product being damaged, defective or you receive the wrong product. If you intend to return the product, we will charge you 50% restocking fee.


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